Welcome! I was born and raised in Boulder, CO, and am a proud Coloradan, son, brother, cousin, and friend. Currently a graduate student at the University of Oxford studying International Development, I am an avid athlete, an eager dancer (skill notwithstanding), an enthusiastic eater, and a passionate journalist and photographer. I am particularly drawn to the finer aspects of food and drink, the splendor of nature, and the emotion of sports as transmissions of culture and international languages. I am a native English speaker, fluent in Spanish, conversational in French, and am learning Portuguese (parabens!). My personal philosophy is as follows: life is best lived in the moment, without expectations, spent appreciating and partaking in the infinite, paralyzing opportunities the world offers. I am incredibly grateful for all the amazing people in my life and for the luck and privilege that I have. Love the life you live and live the life you love!

“Sometimes it is better to travel than to arrive” – Robert Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Questions I am most passionate about: Why are countries wealthy and poor, peaceful and violent, equitable and unequal? Why do people laugh, smile, and cry? What are the most empathetic and successful approaches to maintaining nature and culture? How can we integrate a global society while retaining and respecting traditions? Why are bikes and skis so incredibly fun? What new thing can I put hot sauce on today?

“A person who had all matters of conscience in perfect shape should be able to eat until overcome by fatigue” – Gabriel García Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

Travel is a passion and blessing in my life. I have spent significant time exploring Europe and Latin America, including stints living in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and Spain. Some of the varied jobs I´ve held abroad include working on an exotic fruit farm in rural Chile for two months, working in hotels in Santiago de Chile and Granada, Spain, and presenting for the Fulbright Commission in Buenos Aires. I am also proud to have climbed mountains on four different continents. More importantly, I come from a background of multicultural collaboration, and enjoy learning about, working for, and promoting social education and improved understanding both at home and on the road.

“A child who does not play is no longer a child, and a man who does not play loses forever the child within him” – Pablo Neruda

I have a BA from the University of Colorado, where my research looked at the effects of democracy on maternal access to health care. My writing has been published in Bikelife Cities, DiningOut, and South America Backpacker magazines. I am also a certified high school varsity basketball official and longtime caddy, having worked the U.S. Amateur and U.S. Public Links Championships as well as the Colorado Open.

“Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone. Therefore, we are saved by love” – Reinhold Neihbur


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