The Human Element


Life for me is best lived as close to the human element as possible, with increased attention to enhancing personal senses. By being outdoors, eating incredible food, appreciating music and the arts, exploring and learning in all areas, and building and maintaining relationships of all kinds with people from all walks of life, one can live with a textual, tactile, encompassing passion and warmth that transmits itself through the physical body as well as the spirit.


The incredible ability of natural forms and figures to simultaneously reduce us to our barest evolutionary state while advancing and expanding knowledge and understanding must be appreciated in a calm, fun approach without pressure and expectations. Accepting and appreciating a feeling of tolerable insignificance relative to the natural scale, a la John Muir, is mind-numblingly pleasing and relaxing. Staying active, maximizing every second of the day, and maintaining a vibrant bloodstream offers an essential yet easy approach to daily life. Planet earth contains all the secrets to the perfect life, and the reality is they are readily available for everyday use.


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