Bikes Are Always the Answer!

Rarely in today’s complex world are we presented with clear solutions to immense problems. Additionally, these fixes are usually difficult, challenging, and require large amounts of time, effort, and resources. Never are they also fun and exciting. We would be remiss, however, to overlook one such simple and powerful tool that is right within our grasp: bikes!

Bicycles have the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, obesity, traffic and congestion, and stress on our roads and highways in one fell swoop. They can lead to huge long-term savings of federal and state tax dollars on healthcare, construction, infrastructure, and even prison systems. Riding a bike for ten minutes a day instead of driving can improve your own health and happiness, make the roads safer, and keep them sustainable and enjoyable.

Bikes are also cheap, cool, and fun! Sure, a high-performance road bike can be expensive, but a basic commuter setup is very affordable, especially when compared to the initial price of buying a car, and this is assuming no repair costs are involved. Bikes are easy to equip, fix, and can be ridden to school or work, around town for fun, and for exercise by athletes of all ages and skill levels. Biking is low-impact, relieves stress, and is good for all!

As beloved Boulder community member and bicycle advocate extraordinaire Leslie Bohm liked to say, “we live in a great place”. Support legislation that provides funding and support for path and trail infrastructure and that encourages responsible environmental approaches. Participate in bike-sharing and community programs such as Community Cycles. Pick up BikeLife magazine to find easy ways to navigate your city and the surrounding outdoors. Above all, whether alone or with friends and family, get riding!


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