A Gastronomic Tour of Europe

As you know, I was lucky enough to have spent six months of my life seeing all parts of Europe, beginning with a backpacking jaunt through the central and eastern parts of the continent and continuing with weekend trips to all corners while based out of Granada, Spain for a semester.

I believe that travel and food go hand in hand, as such a rich part of culture revolves around gastronomy.  The best way to get to know a place and a people is through conversation over (and often about) food, and the ways in which recipes, traditions, and attitudes regarding food are passed down through generations are amazing.

Meals also vary not only by the actual food eaten, but in the context in which they are eaten.  A sandwich tastes much better at 14,000 feet after summiting a peak than it would sitting in school, and a likewise typically mediocre meal can taste gourmet in the company of incredible people or in an amazing location.  When a perfect convergence of great food, great people, and a great moment takes place, the result is truly spectacular.  I have tried to capture this spirit as much as possible.

Obviously I like food, and I like taking pictures. I suppose I get it from my father, who takes photos for a living. Anyways, this here page is a combination of the two; enjoy!


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