A Little Slice of Home


This weekend, I was in Granada for the first time in two months.  I passed the time with new friends, caught up on some much needed sleep, and had some great reflective periods.  Nights were very fun.  I went to a free jazz concert put on by the university, and while the music, especially an overambitious clarinet, was not professional quality per se, music with friends is always fun.  One night was spent cooking a worldly cuisine, with my Erasmus friends contributing dishes from their homelands.  I made a large pot of pumpkin and sweet potato chili to go along with a leek quiche from France, two tortillas from Spain, a Spanish risotto with shrimp and squash, a Belgian salad, and a fruit salad that, while not exactly German, capped the meal nicely.  Saturday night was spent going out for tapas, and my group hopped between a foodie bar, a world fusion restaurant, and a classic Spanish joint serving up all kinds of small fried fishes.  It has been a quiet, fun, relaxing weekend, and I am energized to hit the road again starting next week.

November is a very important month for me.  Thanksgiving, the Broncos, and my birthday, listed in order of importance, present a slate of events that rank as my favorites of the entire year.  This being the case, I will not lie that being here this past week has made me a bit homesick.  However, I was able to find pieces of Granada extremely reminiscent to home.  Friday I left my phone, watch, and camera in my room and went wandering around the Alhambra, always a good idea, and after strolling through a free section of garden I toured the rest of the complex that I hadn’t seen during my previous visit.  After climbing up into the hills above the Generalife I caught an amazing sunset that capped a great afternoon of wandering.  Sunday morning started off with a 13km run up into the same hills but following a different trail, and I stumbled upon a picnic and recreation area filled with soccer and volleyball courts and many Spanish families enjoying a nice weekend day in the sun.  The smells of falling leaves and dusty trails, some pretty audacious mountain bikers that would fit right in in Boulder, and having my leftover chili for lunch with my host parents (they actually liked it…so I was told) have really brought me back to Colorado during this transformative time of year.  And of course, a Costco-sized bottle of Cholula has really helped get me through the patches of homesickness, although it is disappearing at an alarming rate.  Nevertheless, I cannot wait to see my family over Thanksgiving break to round out the best month of the year.


Until next time,



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